Truck R1T: The First Electric Pickup From Rivian

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Rivian launched two electric cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show that were brilliantly designed and sporty. The most important model was the R1T, a fully electric truck that the company considers a major challenge in the minivan market, which is dominated by three companies – Ford, Chevy and Dodge who produce Nearly 2 million cars a year.

Rivian built its R1T electric truck to appear on the scene, not only to challenge the top 3 manufacturers of this type of truck, but also to move to a product that far exceeds existing gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. The company hopes that the car will be highly reliable off-road and be a great solution to carry things back and forth and be able to travel long distances in one shipment.

 The car is designed in a streamlined manner to suit the way it is used, and allows the batteries to be placed at the bottom of the chassis and this provides great flexibility in changing the size and scope of the battery to suit the needs of the customer, which puts it in the first place as the best adventure electric truck in the world.

To reduce the weight of the car as much as possible, Rivian not only incorporated the battery but also the steering, suspension, brakes and heat management system under the height of the wheels to provide a nice stable base.

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