Top 6 Most Expensive Cars 2019 in the World

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6- McLaren P1 GTR

The first car in today’s article is valued as an incredible price of about 3.4 million dollars, but you shouldn’t be so surprised, because there are cars that cost even more. The McLaren P1 GTR concept was first introduced in August 2014, the final version was presented in Geneva on March 2015.


The car boasts an output of a thousand horsepower, provided by a 3.8 liter v8 engine, as well as an electric motor hidden in the left block. The designers worked tirelessly to give the car an aggressive look, the manufacturer released only a small series of McLaren P1 GTR s about 45 units.

First of all, it is a race track car, therefore it could only be purchased by people who had already bought the road version of the p1, and taking this into account the actual price in the McLaren P1 GTR is even more than 3.4 million. However, this price includes consulting specialists about driving, training on the McLaren racing simulator, as well as participating in six international racing competitions.

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