Top 3 Extremely Cheap All-Electric Cars in the World

Electric vehicles are getting more and more attractive, thanks to not only their improved performance but also the incentives given by the government. Thus, making the total price get extremely cheap. Since the Chinese government adopted a plan offering up to $12,000 subsidies, the country has been hitting a record by the sales of the electric cars.

Bayesian E 100 By General Motors ( China)


General Motors in partnership with Shanghai automotive industry corporation have launched their first fully electric car, called the Bayesian E 100. The E 100 is a small two-seater, inspired by the smart fortwo electric drive. It’s powered by a 29 kilowatts electric motor that produces 81 pound-feet of torque, and delivers a top speed of 62 miles per hour. The lithium-ion battery pack provides 100 miles of range on a single charge. Inside the vehicle is equipped with 7-inch touchscreen display with wireless connectivity.

It comes with a number of safety features that give more confidence on the road. The car costs 5300 dollars after the government subsidies. India targets to sell 10 million electric cars in 2013, and the major automakers have already started to hit the markets with their electric models.

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