Top 15 Efficient Electric cars from the Future 2019 – 2020

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From bikes that look like they belong in a sci-fi fantasy like Tron, to other vehicles that are future forward with outstanding efficiency, we have got it for you here. In this article we are looking 15 electric vehicles that’ll blow your mind with their awesomeness. Let’s step into the future, and see what mechanical beauties are showing up for us.


This hot tank of machinery is unique because of its built-in skateboard platform. Although it might be impractical to do an ollie or grind on a railing, the Rivian R1S makes for a rollicking ride. The largest battery pack can cover 410 miles of range, and the smallest can cover 240. The battery is capable of charging up to 80% within 50 minutes. With the 700 horsepower you can jump up to 60 miles an hour in an impressive three seconds. Its interior is capable of seating up to seven people, and its ceiling has a sunroof for all the vitamin D lovers out there. The speakers in the rear doors pop out so that you can have quality sound next time you go to the drive-in movie theater, or a bonfire event.

14- 2020 Fiat E-Ducato Electric Van

Here’s an ideal commercial vehicle for those of you who value efficiency and helping lower emissions. The makers are teasing their audience with very few details, those unfair buggers. However we do know that the Fiat is making its debut in Europe, where they will soon announce whether or not it will be made available in America as well.

13- Lightning Strike Motorcycle

Dart in and out of traffic like a badass with the Lightning Strike. It holds the world’s record of being the fastest electric motorcycle, moving at 218 miles per hour. Three different power options are included, with its horsepower of 90 and a whopping 180 pound-foot of torque. Its ability to fully fast charge within 35 minutes makes for a quick getaway. The technological improvements include an AiM Strada racing dash, with a lap timer, and a GPS-based data logger. We can’t argue that the aerodynamics and crafty design make this a lit choice among motorcyclists.

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