Top 10 Best Electric Cars of Upcoming EV Model for 2020

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What’s interesting in world electric car is that big-name manufacturers are finally going all in with the EVH, releasing some truly stunning models that will be nearing the sustainable future of auto making, Look at this 11 top concept electric cars for the coming year 2020



Since the debut of the mission Porsche A concept in 2015, the world has been patiently waiting for Porsches first electric car to go into production. This finally happened on September the 9th 2019, when the company’s new factory of the future in Stuttgart, launched its assembly lines of electric cars. The Porsche Taycan gets to performance variants and offers plenty of customization options, such as an exterior color, 9 upholstery choices, additional performance, and luxury packages.

The Porsche Taycan Turbo and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S both share their easy underpinnings, being powered by a dual-motor all-wheel drive system, which is used by the 93k load or battery. The system produces 625 horsepower, but when the over-boost function is engaged in the launch mode, the Turbo can deliver 680 ponies, while the Turbo S as the max output of 761 HP, the latter should also be point four seconds faster, clocking 0 to 60 of acceleration in less than just 2.8 seconds.



During the 2019 Frankfurt motor show, the German automaker has revealed the final version of the long-awaited people’s electric car. The electric hatchback is built on the all-new MAB platform, which is produced according to eco-friendly standards, and it is expected to power thousands of companies’ cars and SUVs over the next few years. On the outside, the electric car Volkswagen I.D.3 is futuristic enough to attract EV geeks, but not too exotic to scare off a more neutral audience.

The electric motor generates 204 horsepower and a peak torque of 229 pounds. It can be paired with one of the three battery options, offering 205, 261 and 342 miles of range. Apart from the starting price under 30 thousand euros, the Volkswagen I.D.3 also helps to agile Nissan Leaf by a nice set of standard equipment, such as satellite navigation, heated front seats, and 18-inch alloy wheels.



The 2019 model here has come and gone, leaving us still expectant for the Mercedes EQC electric SUV. However, Mercedes-Benzes has not been idle, developing its newest concept the 390 miles vision EQS. The electric version of the S-class sedan follows the EQS design standards but adds lots of details characteristic for the most expensive models of the brands.

The platform is made of steel aluminum and carbon fiber which provides the right balance of rigidity and weight. Incorporating a total of 940 individual LEDs the EQS exterior definitely previews the future of luxury EVs. The light belt which starts from the black panel crow flows through the entire body into the taillights, and visually divides the car into two parts. The car’s electric motors are integrated into the two axles, and their combined output is packed at 469 horsepower with 560 pound-feet of torque.



Like many young automakers that came before it, the Silicon Valley startup Drako is making big promises in regards to their first built an all-electric 4 seats called GTE. Claimed to deliver driving dynamics and cornering precision like no other supercar in the market, the model has been under development for a couple of years, at least since 2015, and destined for a limited production run of 25 units in 2020.

The luxury grand tours are powered by an intricate system of four electric motors located in the wheels, and a large nine yard hour battery that has internal architecture, the system makes 1,200 horses so what is designed to withstand challenging performance situations. Many of the components of this electric car are sourced from the high-end manufacturers, including the Fisker Karma chassis carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes, and a four-way adjustable l and suspension.



Bentley is joining the club of centenarians in 2019, and to celebrate the occasion, the British automaker presented their own vision of the luxury automotive future and the direction the brand is going to take. Supposedly we’re looking at the Bentley grand tourer of 2035, but where the speed things are going such a vehicle may hit the roads much earlier.

The concept is powered by a team of four electric motors and an advanced battery pack sufficient for 435 miles of range. As claimed by the developers, the pack architecture allows to replenish eighty percent of charge in just 15 minutes and 2.5 seconds zero to 60 sprints are to be expected.

The electric car Bentley the EXP 100GT has a futuristic design with massive mesh grille consisting of six thousand led lights, 6.5 feet wide doors that open upwards to create a real sense of arrival, and the interior seamlessly blends sustainable materials with advanced tack.


Though the Chinese empire SUV is not exactly any name on the EV market, as the long-anticipated car has been revealed in its final form, which will go on sale in the mid-2020. From the outside of this Byton M-BYTE  the five seats look pretty similar to its concept version, but features redesigned headlights, new wheels, side view mirrors instead of the camera pods, and pop up door handles that replaced the electronic ones stepping into the cabin.

The huge 48 inch wide display is still here, and it now has two companions a steering wheel mounted 7-inch touchscreen and an 8 inch tablet place in the central armrest. The empire gets two modifications a rear wheel drive one 4 by 268 horsepower motor and a 72 kilowatt-hour battery, or an all-wheel drive with 402 HP and a 95 to load our pack. The former one should be good enough for 220 miles while the latter can cover 200 cemani.


The first ever electric mini was unveiled in 2008 as a part of an experiment, and basically, it was a conversion of the gasoline model. All in all six hundred units were produced back then, but the majority of them ended up in museums and the duke BMW more than a decade to greenlit a production model. The electric car SE an electrified hardtop mini cooper that sports a new fascia a rear bumper with no exhaust, bright yellow accents and 17-inch asymmetric design alloy wheels.

The MINI COOPER SE electric car adapts the drivetrain from BMW i3, featuring a 184 horsepower electric motor, that makes 199 pounds of torque, but unfortunately, it’s 32.6 skillets our battery provides underwhelming by the current standards range of 130 miles. The back is located under the vehicle’s floor, without compromising of the cargo capacity of a pond seven cubic feet. Three trends are available signature plus, and iconic which offer exclusive wheels upholstery exterior and interior finish.



The electric car LOTUS EVIJA is the first model to be introduced by the British automaker, since it became a part of the Chinese conglomerate Chile, and it appears that the influx of money from this corporation is going to make wonders. As per the creators, the Evija is the world’s lightest hypercar with 3,696 pounds on the scales, courtesy of the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque.

The target power output of the production car is rated at 2,000 horsepower generated by four electric motors, which were in turn juiced by a mid-mounted battery pack. The spar train is sourced from Williams advanced engineering and its technical parameters are as follows: all electric driving range of 250 miles top speed over 200 mph, and 0 to 6 acceleration under 3 seconds. The production will be limited to 130 units, and the British are aiming at the price between 1.8 and 2.5 million dollars.


In 2020 the production version of the 2017 urban EV concept called Honda e is finally coming to the European market, and the 4-door keeps the main styling features of the concept, including its round puppy eyed headlights.  Unlike the prototype version, the final model gets 16 instead of 17 inch wheels a standard, and its grow badge is no longer illuminated.

The supermini accommodates for people and comes backed with high-tech features. It replaces the standard side mirrors with cameras to ensure better aerodynamics, and it adds a new central camera mirror system to improve their rearview.

The car gets a thirty-five point five kilowatt-hour battery, which can be made at to a base 136 HP motor, or a more powerful one making 150 horses. It should be capable of covering 136 miles an only charge, but Hyundai executives claim that it is more than sufficient as an average daily commute in Europe is around 30 miles.


Audi has been developing an entire family of conceptual vehicles for the past couple of years, and now the quartet that consists of the lounge on wheels, compact futuristic hatchback PB 18 racer is complete with the arrival of the visionary off-roader AI trail Quatro. The four seats have superb all-terrain capabilities and are perfect for exploration since its cabin is usually compared with the helicopters.

The EV is powered by four independent motors one for each wheel with a combined output of 435 horses, and 738 non-feet of torque. The concept covers 280 miles on the forgiving terrain and about 140 on the most difficult paths. One of the interesting ideas that out is tinkering with, is adding two autonomous drones to the off-roader, which can fly ahead of your vehicle lighting the deserted trail or will serve as bright camp lights.

2020 HYUNDAI 45

The name of the HYUNDAI 45 concept celebrates the 45th anniversary of the pony lift bag Hyundai’s first-ever mass-market model. It’s built on the same skateboard platform IGMP, as its corporate sibling Kia Habanero, and it previews the upcoming 2021 electric crossover hatchback hybrid from the brands.

The show car 60 rows inspired by the 1920s aviation and its radiator grille as kinetic cube lamp design. The end sets of the cabin are minimalistic combining wood and leather for the series of displays integrated into the dashboard. Hyundai is aiming for autonomy, so the front seats can swivel to let the occupants enjoy the style set free interior philosophy

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