Those Are the Kinds of Cars Billionaires People Drive

Being a millionaire doesn’t mean much nowadays. What about a billionaire? That implies the sort of money that will get you whatever houses you need, wherever you need, and whatever cars you need to fill the garages with. What you or I would pick once we made that fortune is something, yet what billionaires really pick is another thing. Out of curiosity, we did some research about those people’s car and these the facts we found.

1) – Bill Gates

porsche 959 Bill gates

The founder of Microsoft, and now amazingly rich giver with a total fortune of $99.4 billion, Bill Gates is additionally a Porsche fan. What’s more, due to the 959, he is somewhat responsible for the Show and Display law being passed. During the 1980s, the famous car out of Germany was the Porsche 959 and Gates want one. However, his model wound up stuck in customs since it hadn’t cleared government crash prerequisites or EPA standards yet. Porsche didn’t catch up on those so, as his car sat seized for over 10 years, Gates worked with others to get the law passed that would permit private import of cars that met a verifiable standard. It’s been noticed that he even still drives it around so often.

2) – Steve Ballmer

Ford Fusion Hybrid Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer is the current, over-excited, CEO of Microsoft and furthermore owns the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. His value is evaluated at a stunning $50 billion and was most recently seen driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford and Microsoft have a working partnership and Ballmer’s father was a director at Ford. The car was introduced to him by then Ford CEO Alan Mulally in celebration of their one-millionth car furnished with Sync.

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