Nissan Develops the New Technology ‘Self-Steering’ Golf Ball

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Nissan’s innovations in intelligent mobility technologies are so numerous and varied, from the famous smart corner chair to the ProPILOT chair and the ProPILOT self-contained shoes, we arrive at the advanced golf ball, which is the company’s latest innovation in the field of famous ProPILOT technology.

Like ProPILOT 2.0, the advanced golf ball helps the player to follow a predetermined path to its goal. The player can make sure it reaches the goal without difficult and with each hit.

The ball uses a technology inspired by Nissan’s vision of intelligent mobility that transforms the concept of driving, operating it and integrating it into society.  It goes through the field down to the hole to provide a stress-free golfing experience.

ProPILOT technology specifications

The ball is fitted with a top camera that locates the hole. When the ball is hit, a monitoring system calculates the correct path based on the movement of the ball and adjusts its path. The ProPILOT golf ball, which combines sensor technology and an internal electric motor, keeps on track until it reaches the hole, making beginners of all ages appear to be golf professionals.

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