New Karma Revero revealed- It’s A Black Car in a Beauty Design

New Karma Revero 1 New karma Revero2

It depends on one of the last unique original Karma Reveros to move off the production line.

We are not far away until the world presentation of the next edge Karma Revero. The present model depends on the old Fisker Karma that has been on the market for sale since 2011, so an update is very necessary. Before the new model arrives, Karma is giving the present Revero a send-off with an exceptional restricted version model.

characterized as a pre-sold, one-off model, the Revero Black Ocean Limited Edition depends on a 2018 Revero that was one of the last unique models to move off the production line. It has more 80 special aspects including an exceptional carefully assembled paint finish and inside treatments that make an “extremely intense and head-turning proclamation for its owner.” The limited-edition Revero is done in matte dark with yellow accents on the air intakes and front fender vents, alongside yellow Brembo brake calipers.

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