McLAREN History

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FOUNDED: 1963 (Woking, Surrey, UK)

FOUNDER(S): Bruce McLaren

YEARS OF OPERATION: 1963–present


The high-performance lightweight sports cars produced by the small British company McLaren feature specialist technologies from the company’s heavy involvement in motorsport. That’s because the Surrey-based company was originally purely focused on the track. It wasn’t until 1988 that it set out to create a road-going supercar. The resulting carbon-fiber three-seater F1 was one of the most advanced and distinctive sports cars in the world, but it appeared to be a one-off project with a limited run of just 106 cars. After that, McLaren waited until 2010 to return to the road-going world. It returned for good this time and has launched a range of high-end sports cars that has enabled it to become established.

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