James Bond Car Aston Martin sold for $ 6.4 million

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During the history of car auctions, old classic cars owned by living or dead celebrities are sold not only at a high value based on the name of their owner, but also on the value of the car’s physical and moral value. Who buys it does it either for fame or for investment. It is $ 6 million.

James Bond Aston Martin sold for 6.4 million 2

The most famous Aston Martin James Bond car for $ 6.4 million

The world’s most famous British secret agent, James Bond, was sold for $ 6.4 million at Sotheby’s in New York City.

Her biggest film appearance in “Golden Finger”

Designed by Aston Martin specifically for James Bond, the DB5 has been used in several films, including the famous film “The Golden Finger,” and has been modified with 13 machine guns, bullet-proof armor, and tire cutters to hinder James Bond’s pursuers.

The most expensive Aston Martin car in the world

The car has exceeded its previous value to become the most expensive car of its kind in the world, the previous owner is a British billionaire, and has been owned by three individuals for 50 years, according to the newspaper “The Guardian” and “Sputnik”.

It is noteworthy that the car on sale did not appear in any of the films “James Bond”, but was used in the commercials of the film.

“Thunderball”, a simulation model of the original car that appeared in the two films: “Thunderball” and “Goldfinger”, as well as in the movie “Skyfall” produced in 2012; coinciding with the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of James Bond English international films that began in the sixties of the last century.

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