Find Out What Ferrari Has Planned for The SF90 Stradale

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Ferrari is going to launch its first plug-in hybrid supercar, the SF90 Stradale. This is a wonderful advance for Ferrari given that LaFerrari did not have a fully electric driving mode because the owners of the company constantly wanted to hear the engine. Speaking with Autocar, Ferrari’s chief technology officer Michael Leiter outlined how the organization has changed in the past few years.

Find Out What Ferrari Has Planned for The SF90 Stradale

” Why plug-in, and not just hybrid? Despite the fact that you need so much intensity for a specific limited moment, you don’t always need sound or noise. If you want to leave early in the morning you don’t need a blatant sound that everyone knows you are leaving”. This is a clear contrast to what the company said at the time it was asked why LaFerrari did not own a plug-in drivetrain as the case in the Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918.

The SF90 Stradale introduces an entirely new space for Ferrari. “We had the 488 and 812 and we saw an additional space to create a new segment without integrating in 812 or 488. So we need to add a load of performance on the 812 and make new features on the 488, which are not mixed or all-wheel drive,” explained Leiter. “So we have introduced another segment, the top segment of sports cars. We think we will do that and the first interaction was positive. It was difficult for us to get customers in the top segment over 300,000 euros ($ 329,000) who used to buy medium / rear cars. “

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