Dangers of Bad Children’s Behavior Inside Car While Driving

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There is no doubt that family trips cannot pass done without difficulties. While safe driving should be a priority, children could make surprise behaviors that can bother parents behind the steering wheel, thereby reducing the driver’s focus on the road. So, car’s technology that precedes dangerous situations can help the driver, who is disturbed by the bad behavior of children in the car, keep him calm and focused.

In a survey conducted by the Japanese company Nissan, which involved 5,000 parents with a valid driver’s license, more than 6 out of 10 European parents (63%) admit that it is difficult to focus entirely on the road while driving when their children misbehave in the car. More worryingly, is that one in three adults (29%) knows that he is less safe behind the wheel with the existence of children in the car.

Facts about children’s bad behavior

– Parents spend two hours and 54 minutes in the car with their children every week, more than 6 days each year.

– One in five parents (20%) said that the behavior of children is the worst in the car, even worse than their behavior when wearing clothes to go to school according to (11%) of parents, or to the supermarket (17%), or going to sleep (12%).

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