Cesc Fabregas has forbidden to drive six months

Cesc Fabregas the Chelsea and Arsenal player was banned from driving for six months after crossing the speed limit in an area of ​​southwestern London.

According to the BBC, police speed tracking equipment spotted Cesc Fabregas crossing the speed range from 64 km / h to 109 km / h on 4 December.

“I have not walked that fast,” said Cesc Fabregas, who is currently playing for the Monaco team, according to the Wimbledon court.

The winner of the World Cup with the Spanish national team recognized the crossing of the speed limit. He was therefore fined £ 750

Cesc Fabergas, who had six points on his license, was banned from driving after the police added six more points.

Cesc Fabregas left Chelsea to settle in Monaco in January after winning two league titles and two FA Cup titles.

Cesc Fabregas played 501 matches in all English competitions with Chelsea and Arsenal

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