Audi Rolls Out E-TRON 50 Model, The Less Expensive EV Car

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The well-known Audi hybrid electric car, the e-tron, has begun to gain a low range and value in Norway. The current e-tron, known in Europe as the e-tron 55, will be joined by the low-cost, e-tron 50, which looks and works so similarly that only EV fans expert will know the difference. Why Norway? Since it is the first country in the  Europe in the adoption of zero emission cars, with about 38 percent of new passenger registrations in July 2019 being EVs.

As Audi said not long ago, the e-tron 50 will be equipped with a 71.0 kWh battery pack and a range of up to 186 miles in the European test cycle. By contrast, with a 95.0 kWh package and a range of over 250 miles for the e-tron 55. The e-tron 50 will go on sale in Norway on Monday with a launch price of around $ 54,800. The e-tron 55 will be priced at around $ 72,720.

Similarly, not all cars with internal-combustion-engine require a power of  500 hp, and not all EV cars must have all the miles. So, this is the purpose of the presentation of the shorter-range, revealed the director of Audi Norway, Ellen Senervo, to the Norwegian news outlet Dinside. She said that the normal Norwegian does not travel so many miles a day. “In addition to the possible results of fast charging, the Audi e-tron 50 quattro is a car suitable for long travel distance.”

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