Advantage and Disadvantage of the Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid cars are an expression for hybrid cars that contain two engines:  electric and gasoline. This car was first started by Ford in the USA after the big increase in the price of gasoline and oil derivatives a few years ago. So this great car was invented to be the economic car that Saves significant expenses for the car owner.

Hybrid car engines

  • Gasoline engine: It is an engine just like those found in ordinary cars, but it is smaller in size and less emission of the waste gases and pollutants.
  • Electric engine: a small engine located on the gasoline engine, and works to generate the necessary energy to run the car and move it at certain speeds.

Hybrid Cars Features

  • Fuel savings of up to 50% of normal car expenses.
  • Minimizes and reduces environmental pollution.
  • Possess the highest efficiency of engine work.
  • In this type of car, we do not need to work gasoline engine in the case of standing on the traffic lights or in the case of small speeding.
  • Hybrid cars reduce the weight of the engine.
  • Improved braking performance.
  • In hybrid cars, electric motor contributes to the speed of braking the vehicle is done by reducing the speed of movement.
  • In these cars, there is the possibility of energy recovery and then stored continuously.
  • Hybrid vehicles reduce air resistance, especially when traveling on highways.
  • Hybrid helps stabilize the vehicle by reducing mechanical disturbances.
  • The car works freely in all weather conditions.
  • It significantly reduces engine failure.
  • It is characterized by the social luxury that enables the driver and the consumer to buy high-end cars and the highest luxury cars without any fear of excessive fuel expenses.
  • It reduces noise and reduces noise compared to the noise of ordinary car engines.

Disadvantages of hybrid cars

  • High-priced parts, not easily available.
  • The battery is running out of charge very quickly, especially on high roads.
  • A little Isolation for the external sound
  • Not suitable for tall drivers and especially the 2008 and 2009 models.

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