10 must-have accessories for your car

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Some car accessories can be useful, see even indispensable.

Check out our Top 10 essential for your car accessories

The magnetic phone stand

This magnetic media is light, small and easy to install on the ventilation of your car Grill. This allows to use your phone more simply or as GPS for example.

4 magnets operate your smartphone (up to 500g) vertically or horizontally. In addition, the’ outdoor pliers rubber prevent your ventilation grids to be scratched.

Not only you can use it as a support car, but also you can lay it on the table to work, do a video chat, or watch a movie

Seat heating and cooling

The perfect accessory for cold winters and sweltering summers. Thanks to the double function of heating and ventilation, seat cushion allows a more pleasant experience in car.

The cushion heats within 2-3 minutes in cold weather, and has 2 power levels. The fan allows him to refresh at the level of the hips and back.

Seat cushion arises very easily on top of your car seat and plugs on her cigarette lighter or on a simple taken. It also allows to use it at home or in his office by on a Chair.

The USB charger for her cigarette lighter

The USB loader is one of the essential accessories when you’re often on the road with his car. You will never be short of battery on your going on the mobile phone, camera, pregnant bluetooth, electronic cigarette, etc.

This model allows to recharge 2 accessories on her cigarette lighter at the same time with 2 USB 3.0 ports. Cheap and very convenient, the USB loader is part of our favorite accessories.

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